Boston is full of Euro players and board game groups.  However, up until now, information about them has been scattered all over the place.  No more!      Updated for Fall, 2016

Weekly Public Groups

Group Location Time Leans Towards Group “Feel” Pros & Cons of the Environment
Beantown Gamers Kendall Mon/Weds (alternating), 7:00 – 12:00 Euros
(medium weight)
Low key,
Easily the best location: spatious, pleasant, reasonable noise levels, can stay late, steps from the T, adjoining parking lot is free.  Attendance is capped around 35 and is almost always full; RSVPs required.
The Reddit Group Central,
Sunday afternoon into evening Euros, tactical strategy games A bit more
& outgoing
than other
Long hours, usually T friendly.
Tavern meetups allow alcohol (hooray!) but could be better lit.  Active discussions on reddit.  Typical attendance: 15-30.
Beantown Gamers “Light” Kendall Mon/Weds (alternating, same weeks), 7:00 – 12:00 Lighter games Casual, friendly,
public +
Airy public location (indoors) next to a Clover; also steps from the T with nearby free parking.  No RSVPs required.  15-25 people.
Game Night-
Arlington Mon/Weds (alternating, opposite weeks from BG), 6:30 – 10:00 Lighter games Friendly,
new group.
Food and drink, plusses and minuses of being in a restaurant.  Parking easiest if you pay.  New and growing meetup, 10-15 attendees.
Greater Boston Cube Cartel Porter Wednesday
7:00 – 10:00
Heavier strategy games & Euros Friendly,
Panera has good tables & food, but can be crowded and closes early.  Convenient to T.  Typical attendance: 5-15.  Group also has weekend events for superlong games.
Slightly Silly Gamers Central Sunday
6:00 – 11:00
(light weight)
Good space on quieter days; has its own game library. Can get hot/smelly when it’s crowded. Convenient to T.
RSVPs required. Typical attendance: 10-20.
Cards & Conversation Somerville,
Not listed publicly Lighter games (and other activities) Very social,
“Heavy on the conversation, light on the cards.”  Varying degrees of T accessibility.
MIT Strategic Games Society (SGS) Near
Friday 7:00 – 12:00 or later Euros, tactical strategy games Fast-paced,
Huge game library.  Smaller play space, 10 minute walk from the T.
Game Night @ Good Life Downtown Tuesday 6:00 – 2:00 Video games, Magic,
Euros, etc.
slightly less
than the
other bar
Rollicking, fun, and varied; alcohol; can be noisy and hard to find space for board games unless you arrive early.  (Formerly called “Game Over.”)

Other Public Groups

These groups meet less frequently and are in the Boston area:

And these groups meet a bit further out from the city area:

Additionally, the Game Maker’s Guild has weekly meetups oriented around designing and playtesting games.  Their location rotates but they are most commonly in Cambridge at Kendall.

If you want to reach a broad audience with questions or to advertise your own game night, the Unity Games yahoogroup is probably your best bet.

Private Groups

Many people do the bulk of their board gaming at smaller, private game nights at a group member’s house or apartment.  It can be nice to play with a more consistent group of people, not have to explain rules as frequently or deal with confused newcomers who are in over their heads, etc.  Also, it’s nice to have more flexibility for food and beverage options, to be able to relax on a couch, etc.

The best way to get in on one of these groups is to attend one of the public board game meetups regularly, and strike up friendships with people who enjoy the same types of games that you do.

Board Game Cafes

The Boston area now has its own board game cafe, Knight Moves in Brookline.  We hope they do well!  They have an extensive game library which is free to use, and the staff are always happy to help teach games.  Understandably, but unfortunately, they have to charge an entry fee (usually $5 to $10) to make money.  That makes them a less popular spot for board game nights.

Other Events

Annual or semi-annual events with space for board games include:


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